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September, 2010

Connolly's CIO Matt Matloub presented the topic "Synchronizing your corporate data with ActiveDirectory using SQL, XML, and PowerShell".

July, 2010

Faiz Farazi demonstrated his method for Installing SQL Server with Config.INI files at our July Meeting, and Todd Anglin with Telerik presented Silverlight 4.0 accompanied with great examples for exploiting this technology for rendering SQL data. Thank you Todd and Faiz for your presentations!

Feb, 2010

Microsoft's David Walker presented at our February 10th meeting. He covered SQL Server 2008 features, revealing several that many attendees did not know about or had already forgotten! Are you using Sparse Columns? Do you initialize values when you declare variables? How about filtered indexes? These are some of the great features David discussed.

If you are familiar with the annual Tulsa TechFest, you probably know that David is a key player in that event. At our meeting, David announced that a similar event is being planned for NorthWest Arkansas! We will post more details about this as they come available.

Jan, 2010

Shazam!! What a great way to kick off the year.

This month we tried something new and had a remote presenter. Our presenter was Brent Ozar (Quest Software) and the presentation he gave was fantastic. With a topic of: "SQL Server Performance Tuning for Race Car Drivers". How could you go wrong? Everyone in attendance was very impressed with both the technical content and the way he was able to give real life examples by using racing as metaphor. Whether it be over steering your headlights or Why Colin Chapman would check indexes before adding new ones. This presentation was one worthy of a revisit.


Feb, 2011

Cancelled due to epic "Snowmaggedon 2011"!

March 2011

David Ledbetter, from Tyson Foods, presented an informative session on running SQL Server on Virtual Servers.

April 2013

Dean Richards from Confio Software presented a query tuning session highlighting response time and wait types. Check our Downloads page for the slide presentation and queries provided by Dean.

Meeting Archive






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